About Us

My name is Amanda Roberts and one of my favorite things is Walt Disney World. I am a self proclaimed Disney expert and I have a love for sharing my tips and tricks with everyone. Let me start by saying that at Walt Disney World, whatever you can imagine, can come to life. Walt Disney once said, “Many of the things that seem impossible today will become realities tomorrow.” I would like to welcome you to the site and I hope that I can help you to plan your ultimate Disney getaway. Many people choose to use vacation planning agents and spend a lot of money doing so. Unfortunatly for these people, they do not get to experience the excitment of planning their own vacation. A Disney vacation is not just at one of the Disney Parks, but it starts way before when you are planning your trip. From the time you look for tips and advice online to listnening to Disney tunes on the reservation hotline to the time you reach those colorful gates at the entrance, your vacation is all underway.

You may be asking yourself,” What makes her qualified to give me advice?” Well, I am so confident that I can help you make the most of your vacation that I will give you a little background information about myself. Do you see that picture at the top of the page? Yes, the one with the embarassingly huge grin on the little girl’s face. Well, that is me! I was ten years old when that picture was taken. It was taken at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Fast forward 5 years down the road and that is the exact restaurant that I worked at. Not only am I a former Walt Disney World cast member, but I have also been to the Walt Disney World resort on vacation right around 22+ times. Being in my early twenties, I think I am off to a pretty good start. I am also the mother of a little boy and I can offer a view of Disney from the eyes of a child. The only way other than my factual history of all things Disney is to tell a story about how passionate about Disney I actually am.

Here it goes! While a cast member in the Magic Kingdom, I faced different challenges everyday. It seems like there would be no difficulty having a role at the so appropriatly named Happiest Place On Earth, but although everyday was joyful and exciting it was also stressing and challenging. I met thousands of people a day and most of the questions were the same. After answering the same question hundreds of times in an hour, I started to lose some of my “pixie dust.” It wasn’t long before I got it back though. When it is time for the fireworks at night, the area around Cinderella’s Castle is blocked off to guests because of safety precautions. That means that the cast members and the guests inside of the upstairs restaurant were the only ones allowed in the castle at that time. Well with nobody downstairs one night besides me and a fellow cast member, I decided to look at the crowd waiting to watch the fireworks spectacular “Wishes.” I stood all alone at the arch of Cinderella’s Castle and looked out onto Main Street U.S.A. For those of you have not been to Disney World, there is a statue in front of the castle called Partners. This is a statue of Walt Disney and little Mickey Mouse holding hands. As I stood in the archway, the first firwork went off behind the castle. Although I could not see the fireworks from where I was standing, I wouldn’t give a million dollars to change views with the crowd. What I saw was one of the most magical things I have ever seen. The first firework went off and I looked down Main Street U.S.A to look upon thousands of smiling faces with the Partners statue in the dead center. My mind was filled with how brilliant a man Walt Disney was to create something so wonderful and share it with the world. I immediatly regained all of the magic that had left me that day.

I hope that my information and story have helped you feel more comfortable about your Disney trip and if you take any advice from this website, I will be glad to know that I helped. Disney World is just that: a world of its own. Outside troubles are left at the cartoon gates. Children and adults alike believe in the magic. All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.